Sunday, September 22, 2013

Creepy Girl

Hanover, PA, September 22, 1995, the night before our wedding.

After celebrating my mom's birthday (a couple days late), my groomsman John (may he rest in peace) and I drove up from Baltimore to Hanover where the wedding would take place. Needing dinner, I suggested we visit Lil' Bit Of Chicago, a bar/restaurant that made really good Chicago-style pizza; Sandy and I had dined there a number of times. Having consumed the pizza, we decided to kill some time by playing some pool at the bar.

And then Creepy Girl came over.

She was in her mid- to late 30s, had frizzy blonde hair, a leather skirt, high heels, and fishnet stockings, and obviously noticed we were the New Guys in the joint on a Friday night. She started engaging me in conversation, to which I gave polite but brief answers and returned to the pool table. That didn't dissuade her any, so John informed her that I was getting married the next day. If anything, that made her more interested, but all she did was talk; she didn't try to touch me or anything.

When our game was finished, we got the heck out of there, and Creepy Girl fortunately did not follow us to our motel. But I was now apprehensive; what if she tried to show up at the wedding? That was the reason I didn't say anything about getting married, not because I gave a millisecond of thought to having anything further to do with her. Fortunately, she was nowhere to be seen.

And if anyone set her up to hit on me that night, no one's ever admitted it, but since we had no idea what we were going to do, it would have been almost impossible to do.