Monday, March 26, 2012

Put Your Hands Down!

Oh, do I wish I had a montage of Judge Judy saying, "Put your hand down!" to play after the Prayer Over the Gifts and during the Our Father.  And since my parish relies heavily on its Power Point presentations on the Big Screens for the missal changes [1], it'd be easy to put there.  One problem: too many of the uncatechized would think I was advocating for wymynpriests.

I'm so done with everyone assuming the orans position with their hands, which is supposed to be reserved for the priest.  I blame the Charismatic Renewal, which popularized the practice; I hope I never have to endure another charismatic Mass.  I submit this sort of hand raising is an act of Sneetches-esque self-righteousness in which the practitioners say, "Look at how holy I am!" 

HT: Dymphna's Road

[1] I love our pastor, but for some reason, he never, ever says the Confiteor.  Another priest saying the Mass this past weekend said the Confiteor, but because the pastor doesn't do so, the new wording wasn't on the Big Screens.  I can live without those screens also.