Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Come to the Table of Plent-Wii

If you have a Nintendo Wii,  put in the Wii Sports disc and choose "Training." Then choose any of the golf training games.  The music that plays in the background sounds just like Dan Schutte's "Table of Plenty" . . . only slower and better.  Of course, better than "Table of Plenty" isn't saying much!


jenniferjupiter said...

Hi. Sorry, this comment is off topic, but I was searching "LOG" and comments you had posted in 2007 popped up. My family was in the LOG community from the late 1970's-1990 or so. We even sold our house in Towson and moved to "the cluster" in 1980. I attended the LOG community school when it first opened, when your parents had to be members to attend. And I hated every minute of it. At school prayer meetings and all the other gatherings I was told the spirit of rebellion had a hold of me and people would pray over me 'binding' that spirit, and they would shake and cry and yell and fall down. Ridiculous. I did not know if you would check that other blog, but wanted to make contact. Email me if you want to. I'd love to compare notes. We probably know each other. Jen.straughn@gmail.com