Saturday, July 09, 2011

Reno vs. Orlando

So Orlando wants to build its own bowling stadium in an attempt to wrest away the U.S. Bowling Congress tournaments from Reno and its bowling stadium, pictured.  Let's compare the two cities to see whose bowling stadium should rule.

Activities for kids/families
RENO: The arcades in the casinos, Wild Island
ORLANDO: Disney World/Epcot/Downtown Disney, Universal, Sea World
Advantage: Orlando

Trials that garnered national attention
RENO: James Biela
ORLANDO: Casey Anthony
Advantage: Push

Revenue sources
RENO: Casinos
ORLANDO: Toll roads
Advantage: Reno

People bet on . . .
RENO: Pro and college sports
Advantage: Reno

Economic problems
RENO: Collapse of tourism, construction, and gaming industries; foreclosures
ORLANDO: Collapse of tourism, construction, and space-related industries; foreclosures
Advantage: Push

RENO: Sunny most days, dry summers, snow in winter and spring
ORLANDO: Sunny, stormy, humid, hurricanes
Advantage: Reno

Sports teams
RENO: Nevada Wolf Pack, Reno Aces
ORLANDO: Orlando Magic, Grapefruit League
Advantage: Orlando

Undesirable visitors
RENO: Westboro Baptist Church
Advantage: Push

Undesirable transplants
RENO: Californians
ORLANDO: Snowbirds
Advantage: Reno

RENO: I-80 and Hwy 395
ORLANDO: I-4, Fla. Turnpike, toll roads
Advantage: Reno

Visitors arrive in the airport from . . .
RENO: Las Vegas, San Francisco, Salt Lake City
ORLANDO: Everywhere else
Advantage: Orlando

Natural wonders
RENO: Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada
ORLANDO: Wekiva Springs
Advantage: Reno

Seniors busy . . .
RENO: Playing bingo
ORLANDO: Driving to the 4 PM senior dinner specials
Advantage: Orlando

State known for . . .
RENO: Gambling, brothels, silver, gold, deserts, wild horses, Area 51, Harry Reid
ORLANDO: Disney, oranges, warm winters, space program, Super Bowls, Marco Rubio, hurricanes
Advantage: Push

You get to watch . . .
RENO: Burning Man
ORLANDO: Shuttle launches (until now)
Advantage: Orlando

Who would want to live there?
RENO: Fernley
ORLANDO: Celebration
Advantage: Reno

Strange residents
RENO: Brothel workers and exotic dancers
ORLANDO: Spiritualists and fortune tellers
Advantage: Reno

So Reno should  keep the USBC, and in the words of Paul Taglia-Boo, Orlando should build a museum or something.  QED.