Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Eyes Of Fallon Are Upon You

In July of 2009, Sandy and I took a ride one Friday afternoon to the areas east of Reno and Sparks.  We started by heading up to picturesque Pyramid Lake, so picturesque Apple used a nighttime picture of it for its iPad background.  We still need to spend a day up there; the air and water are warmer than Lake Tahoe. 

Then we drove south to Fernley, which had been devastated the year before by a canal rupture that caused a major flood.  It had been one of the fastest-growing areas in the nation.  Now, it's home of the highest unemployment rate in the state.  Then we turned east for Fallon.

One purpose of the ride was for Sandy to show me Naval Air Station Fallon, home of the "Top Gun" aircraft.  We got as close as we could to the base as ordinary civilians could.

It was getting toward dinner time, so we headed into Fallon, looking for someplace to eat.  One barometer we've often used when being in an unfamiliar place: go where it's crowded.  We noticed a lot of people outside this place called the Pizza Barn.  The owner talks about it here, and we found it hard to argue with him.  It's great pizza, and the decor is quite unique.  Over the bar is a sign that says "Free Beer Tomorrow."

But as we ate our pizza, we felt like we had eyes burning through us.  Not only (as the owner said) are the workers a tightly knit bunch, so is the town of Fallon as a whole.  I guess something about us recent Maryland transplants said "Not From Around Here" like a neon sign.  I figured with the NAS, Fallon residents are used to seeing new faces.  Maybe not.

We drove back through the canyons between Fernley and Sparks on I-80 back home.  I wouldn't mind getting that pizza again, but I hope we wouldn't garner so many stares.