Saturday, August 07, 2010

Remember When . . .

(another pseudo-tribute to the Czabe)

 . . . guys actually dressed as well as the girls did when going on dates, unlike now when the girls still doll themselves up, but the guys look like they just rolled out of bed, or out of a hip-hop video?

. . . MTV showed music videos?

. . . the only people who had tattoos were those who had served in the military?

. . . outside a pool or beach, you never saw another woman's navel?

. . . a boombox was something you carried on your shoulder?

. . . scoreboards at ball games didn't have to prompt you to make noise?

. . . baseball players didn't have "walk-up music"?

. . . Saturday morning cartoons were neither educational nor informational (E/I)?

. . . cars had cassette tape decks?

. . . writers would proofread their work, or had someone do it for them?  (Being a blogger apparently means never having to edit.)

. . . TV coverage of sports events didn't include little music videos when coming back from a commercial?

. . . the "collision avoidance light" in car rear windows was a Big Deal?

. . . David Letterman was fresh and funny?  (Now he's just "fresh," iykwim.)

. . . local TV stations had their own programming that wasn't news related, and no one knew what an "info-mercial" was?

. . . your radio or TV had to "warm up"?

. . . Benny Hill pushed the boundaries of good taste?  (He looks quaint today by comparison.)

. . . cable TV meant having a rotary knob on a remote that was hard-wired to the TV?

. . . rock radio stations played Tears for Fears, Phil Collins, Prince, and other artists they'd never touch today?

. . . "Beautiful music" was the dominant radio format?

. . . newspapers printed morning and evening editions?

. . . kids delivered newspapers?

. . . kids could ride their bikes for miles from their neighborhood, and no one worried?

. . . video game arcades sprung up on many street corners, then disappeared just as quickly?

. . . (speaking of which) the Atari 2600 was the state of the art in video games?

. . . a whole family could fit in a sedan instead of a minivan or SUV?

. . . you could spend a whole day exploring a department store, or the stores on The Avenue?

. . . you had to go to the library to do research?

. . . photocopies were smelly and had smears all over them?

. . . you could get soft pretzels at school?

. . . it was a treat to get sliced cheese, ham, or baloney from the corner store?

. . . baseball cards were flipped, traded, and put between spokes of bike wheels?


Wine in Thyme said...

yes, yes, yes. Only they weren't photocopies - they were mimeographs (sorry, I worked in the school office, that's the official term for those smelly, smeary blue-inked tests and hand-outs.)