Saturday, May 22, 2010

We Really Used To Sing This, Exhibit 1

Written Perpetrated by Tom Parker, 1968  (In our critique of the St. Louis Jesuits, Haugen-Haas, Tom Conry, etc., we forget that Parker, Jack Miffleton, and Ray Repp -- with the complicity of WLP -- started this Spirit-of-Vatican-II descent into Liturgical Music Hades.)

Let All The Earth Sing His Praise

REFRAIN: Let all the earth sing his praise and joyful voices raise, for his mercy reaches out to ev'ry land.  (I used to think it was "BEFORE his mercy reaches out."  I wanted to make sure I raised my joyful voice in time!)

1. Sing, men, of distant China, tell of his worth
From Italy to the icy sea of the North.  (All those syllables were crammed in toward the end of the line.)
Men who ride on elephants and men who work in stores; (how sexist!)
Jesus is Lord of all the earth. (In other words, ignore those three previous lines.)

2. Come, dance, and run before him all you who can,
from Baltimore to the distant shore of Japan. (I think that's why our parish sung this so much; it mentioned good old Bawlamer.  But why?)
Men (again!) who plow the endless (?) plains your Savior is at hand: Jesus the hope of ev'ry land.  (Again, a mention of Jesus covers up everything else.)

3. Hear us men of France and Sweden, boys of Peru, (Did Parker influence Steely Dan to use a bunch of geographic references?)
all children of the sea, girls (finally) of Brittany, too. (Um, excuse me, but Brittany is in the aforementioned France.)
Babies who ride on camels trudging seas of sand: (Metrically, this line, and most of those in the verses, make no musical sense.)
Jesus, your brother's callin' you. ("Callin'" is how Parker wrote it.)

And this was called liturgical music.  I think I'd prefer "Headin' out to Eden, yea, brother . . ." from Star Trek.


Philbertun said...

I didn't know Jesus had a brother, but it was good of Parker to leave Jesus the message.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

some of the hymns are only good for one thing, put on a cd and sent to the moon