Saturday, April 03, 2010

Slots in Maryland: How's that working out?

Right now, it looks like Nevada gaming has nothing to worry about from Maryland.

November 2008: MD voters approve slot machine gambling, ostensibly to get the share of business states like WV, DE, and now PA are taking from MD coffers.

April 2010: Number of slot machines deployed and operating in MD so far -- ZERO.  And I sometimes wonder if it'll ever happen, because if there's one thing you can count on in MD, it's NIMBYs.

But at Arundel Mills Mall, they have a case: Plans for Arundel Mills Casino Come To Halt.  In its short history, Arundel Mills has become overcrowded, parking is a disaster, and the place is unsafe at night.  It's a lousy location, and there's not that much worth going to.  LC and I didn't feel safe when we were there just before moving out here.

I can't help watching how this long-awaited dream is taking forever to become reality.