Sunday, March 14, 2010

It Was Fun While It Lasted

For the last several years, I've used a minidisc recorder like this one to record news stories and interviews, music, and even our cats.  Unfortunately, the third -- and likely last -- of these has given up the ghost.  Whereas I dropped the first two and thus destroyed their recording capability, this one died from too much wear on the mic input jack.  It would sound fine when I recorded on it in the house, but once I took it outside, the connection was fickle and unnecessary noise ensued, ruining more than one interview.

Minidisc players took off for a while in Asia and Europe.  They involved a disc slightly smaller than a diskette onto which sound was recorded . . . up to five hours worth.  The format never really caught on in the U.S., although radio newsrooms used them for quite a while because of their sound quality.  But the kind I had here was never really built for professional use.  Now, minidiscs have been left behind by iPods and mp3 players, as well as digital voice recorders that can record many more hours of sound.  And all without moving parts. 

So now I'm looking for a digital voice recorder.  Anyone want some minidiscs?


Buddy said...


I just stumbled upon your blog. Good Stuff!!!

I'm not sure if you've solved your digital recording device dilemma. However, my son recently purchased a H2 Zoom digital recorder. It may be over kill just for voice interview recording. However, it may add flexibililty should you need it for something more than just the occasional interview.

Hope this helps.