Monday, February 22, 2010

Nice Weekend

LC and I took advantage of a one-night-free special at the Grand Sierra Resort (formerly the Reno Hilton) and spent Friday and Saturday nights there.

The hotel was rather busy when we arrived; there was a scientific convention going on, plus many were arriving for either weekend skiing or the super middleweight boxing match between local boy Jesse Brinkley and Curtis Stevens.  We wound up watching the Brinkley-Stevens fight in our room while it was going on downstairs, with Brinkley pulling an upset victory by unanimous decision.  He knocked down Stevens in the 6th and 12th rounds, and Stevens should be thankful there wasn't a 13th round.  Neither of us are boxing aficionados, but we both concluded that was an enjoyable fight.

Both of us fared well gaming, with the Mystical Mermaid slot machine being especially generous to me.

Our room was as nice as just about any we've stayed in. The beds were ridiculously confortable, soft but not too soft.  The bathroom was huge and gorgeous; the only thing that would have made it better was if it had a bathtub instead of a shower (almost the size of our walk-in closet at home).  It also gave great views of downtown Reno.

On Saturday afternoon, we partook of the virtual golf facility on the lower level, playing the Kapalua Village course.  It's a good thing we did so virtually and not in reality; we both stunk up the joint.  We hit golf balls off a mat into a pad onto which the computer-generated course screen was projected, and the computer plotted where our shot wound up.  We also checked out the sports merchandise store (we were the second customers to ask about Ravens merchandise, which they didn't have any of) and the candy shop (they had Goetze's caramel creams!).

Only down side about the GSR: the service at their cafe left much to be desired, even when were were there after the virtual golf with hardly anyone else. 

And an oopsie on my part: I forgot to get my dirty clothes out of the closet!  Fortunately, they kept them for me and I picked them up the next day.

All in all, a nice time away with my sweetie . . . even if "away" translated to only 8 miles or so.