Friday, August 28, 2009

And the Children Shall Lead . . . Us To Gomorrah

The homosexualists are totally in control of the educational establishment. (Remember the staircase back here?)

Today I saw a horrible PSA advocating the eradication of the expression "That's so gay," as if that's the worst thing our kids say or hear said every day. What, no PSAs about not saying the N-word?

Turns out this PSA was produced by the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), whom the courageous Peter LaBarbera with Americans for Truth about Homosexuality has been exposing as trying to get an extremist, pro-homosexual viewpoint into our schools. Take, for example, how GLSEN had no shame whatsoever in being graphic with minors at a university forum about "fisting" (NSFW).

What really saddens me is how kids, when they should be being encouraged to use critical thinking, are really just being indoctrinated, getting only one side of the story about homosexuality (and not one word about health risks). They don't take on faith everything the government says, do they? And the schools are letting the mighty Sodomy Lobby represented by folks like GLSEN bully them around. I mean, how dare any student say he or she thinks homosexuality is vile, disordered, a mental problem, or just plain wrong? We're all equal now in this relativistic society. Tolerance Permissiveness is the highest virtue.

I've talked to teens, and whereby they have no problem rejecting the faith of their youth, they'll just as easily accept everything the homosexualists spoon-feed them. So sad.


Julia said...

Would you be offended if someone started throwing around "That's so Catholic" as a derogatory term equaling "stupid" or "uninteresting"?

I'm guessing you wouldn't be pleased.

I get pissed off when someone throws around the word "Jew" when what they really mean is cheap.

None of it should be okay.

Cygnus said...

I guess Kanye West didn't get the memo. Also, Matt Groening didn't seem to have a problem with it. I love when PCness runs into contradictions.

You know as well as I do bashing Catholics is perfectly OK. I can handle it.

And you know who really gets bashed? Those who have come out . . . of the homosexual lifestyle.