Sunday, June 07, 2009

Church Review: Holy Cross Catholic Community, Sparks, NV

First of all, I'm inclined not to trust any parish that bills itself a "Catholic community." That's just so Spirit of Vatican II. Then again, so is this design, built in 2002.

At the sanctuary's only entrance, it has a Big Baptismal Font which has been the trend in many modern churches, with holy water located nowhere else that I could tell.

The sanctuary more resembles a chapel where one would go on a high school retreat. There's a magnificent view to the west toward Spanish Springs. Logistically disturbing was the sign I saw at the emergency exit doors: "Doors Will Open In 15 Seconds." That doesn't sound very fire code to me!

No pews or kneelers, only chairs. No one in the congregation that I could see genuflected toward the altar. No one.

I could abide these things if before Mass, the PA system hadn't been playing Indian sitar music. Had I known George Harrison was approved for liturgical use, I'd have started belting out "Within You Without You" or "My Sweet Lord." Doesn't help for meditating on anything other than Ravi Shankar.

Most people were failing to observe Holy Silence.

The lector introduced all the ministers of the Mass. As a friend once said, "You don't need to know the bus driver's name for him to get you where you're going." Then the obligatory "turn and greet those around you" (for no particular reason).

Most of the rest of the Mass was rather uneventful, except for the Prayer of the Faithful. Prayers to end war (okay) and Global Climate Change (wha-wha-wha-whaaa? Those folks seriously need to read this), but nothing about ending abortion.

On the upside, the bulletins weren't handed out upon entrance, but upon exit instead. Do people really need to meditate on what the Youth Ministry is doing next Wednesday night?

Summary: Your all-too-typical postmodern suburban parish that reeks of the Tyranny of Nice.


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I'm guessing this parish didn't have a Tabernacle, since you know, we need to be the Tabernacle to one another right? ;)

Dymphna said...

I am totally tired of people praying (in church) for global climate change! It just irks me!

Chris from Reno said...

Actually, this church DOES have a tabernacle. And praying for the Earth is in keeping with our Church's teachings. The Vatican itself called mistreatment of the Earth a "deadly sin". As far as the holy water, and the comment of this being a "trend in many modern churches" that is in keeping with the Church's teaching on Places of Worship. Perhaps you should actually read the Church's documents and know what the Church teaches, not just Mother Angelica. I won't defend the Indian music or the introduction of ministers, because I agree that is weird. Rather than criticising other people's places of worhip, why don't you meditate on the fact that we are ALL still Catholic and that Jesus and the Eucharist is still present there.

Chris from Reno said...

Oh, and it might be worth noting, that the present worship space is temporary. Eventually, a permanent church structure is planned and the current structure would remain as a multi-use hall. Again, why we shouldn't judge others...

Cygnus said...

First of all, Chris, "praying for the earth" is not about taking sides on a partisan political issue of dubious validity like "climate change." I assume you won't want to have to pray for all the people who won't be able to afford their utility bills, or all those who will be unemployed as a result of "cap and trade"?

As for the font, my home parish has one too. I don't have to like it.

You call it "judging," but when I see abuses such as failing to observe Holy Silence (something that never happened when the TLM was the rule), I will point them out.

BTW, thanks for reminding me to add a link to EWTN! :-)

daniel speth said...

You seem like a Pharisee rules to punish. Where is the love?

Paul said...

I have a better question: Where's the grammar?