Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Downside Of Term Limits

You've got to hand it to the Republicans in the Nevada Assembly. Do any of them have backbones at all, or are they so afraid of Speaker Barbara Buckley and Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford that they just follow along like sheep?

They eagerly voted along with the Democrats to override Governor Jim Gibbons' veto of nearly 800 million dollars in tax increases. Raising the sales tax is really going to work when sales are plummeting. If I wanted this, I'd have stayed in Maryland.

Now I expect bluster like this out of Governor-wanna-be Buckley: “Most of us agreed we needed new revenue…that we couldn’t cut our way out of the crisis, and we couldn’t tax our way out of the crisis.” Madam Speaker, taxing us out of the crisis is exactly what you've done! And do you really expect businesses to roll over and accept higher taxes without doing anything else? We're trying to draw businesses from California, not keep them there.

But this is about the caving of the Republicans. I don't know exactly how many fall into this category, but I know my senator, Maurice Washington, a Republican, voted for the overrides. Guess what? This is his last term because of term limits, so nobody's going to hold this against him. I hope he's proud of having his constituents foot the bill.

I was a supporter of term limits, but no longer. They undermine accountability on both sides of the aisle. The Democrats who have been term limited won't have to answer for their actions either.

And, Governor Gibbons has gone way up in my esteem. Unlike Bush 41, he said "no new taxes" and meant it. He was just the irresistible force meeting the immovable object . . . a bloated bureaucracy whose prime directive is self-perpetuation at all costs to taxpayers, businesses, anyone except itself. Bravo, Governor Gibbons.

Well, it could be worse. This could be California.


Anonymous said...

Call me bigotted, but same here!

Anonymous said...

I voted against term limits, myself because I agree with you. Term limits should never have been imposed as they fail to hold the politcian's feet to the fire as they prepare to expire. The real term limit is the politicain knowing her or she can be voted out of office the next election cycle.

Anonymous said...

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