Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Love That Californica Democracy

State Lawmakers Pass 2 Anti-Prop 8 Resolutions

So, let me get this straight . . . a vote of the people isn't a vote of the people if the legislature says so? Guess we have to coin a new term: "legislative activism."

It just goes to show there are no lengths to which homosexualists won't go to force acceptance of their lifestyle from those like me who know it to be abhorrent, disordered, immoral, and just plain wrong.

Then again, tolerance was never their aim in the first place. As evidence, check out this British Columbia "social justice" conference. This photo says it all:

And just let anyone dare say otherwise, including -- and especially -- parents.


Chenoa said...

May I say otherwise? Being a parent?

I'll state first and foremost that I do not believe you to be wrong. You have my admiration and congratulations for being steadfast in your beliefs...I know you to be one who does his research and thus is not just spouting the latest tripe (goes for both sides btw).

However, I look at the male couple with a beautiful adopted loved daughter, or my two female friends who got married and had a baby, and think to myself how beautiful it is that we have this diversity. I do not wish to start a discussion, argument, etc. Just summing up my feelings in a sentence.

Cygnus said...

Chenoa, I appreciate the fact that, unlike some others on here, you actually allow me to have a contrary opinion and don't resort to ad hominem attacks.

(psssst . . . you're friends aren't "married", even if they say they are.)