Monday, January 26, 2009

West Coast Walk For Life 2009

Only a few hours after Barack Obama decided we needed to export tax dollars to groups that know better than anyone else that abortion is the only way to save the rest of humanity from itself, LC and I boarded a bus in Reno that took us to San Francisco for the Walk for Life West Coast. It was about a four-hour ride, and we began reciting the Rosary as we approached the Bay Bridge.

It was a gray, overcast day, but it didn't rain. We joined about 30,000 peaceful but enthusiastic protesters on the east end of the Embarcadero and heard some great speeches, including from Karen Shablin of Feminists For Life whom we would later meet on the walk. The new archbishop of San Francisco ws there, while Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles was conspicuous by his absence. Singer Diana Nagy gave her powerful testimony of how she chose (there's that word) to bring her son into the world . . . and then she introduced him to us! But the most stirring testimony was that of Reverend Clenard Childress, who told us of the impact abortion was having on the black community; over 1/3 of all abortions are African-American babies. Think Obama realizes that?

Sadly, there weren't that many blacks in the crowd; we'll need them on our side to carry the message to the victims of abortion who wouldn't hear it from us. But there were plenty of Latinos and Filipinos, and a huge number of teens. I was really encouraged by that, and I pray their fervor doesn't get plucked off in college or otherwise.

So the march began, and we crammed into the MUNI walkway on the Embarcadero accompanied by a group of young bagpipers and drummers. In the march were Latino groups sing songs and playing drums, as well as several groups praying the Rosary.

I only saw about a hundred or so counter-demonstrators, mostly chanting the same sing-song chants their mothers and grandmothers were singing in the 60s, although there were more of them back behind us during the rally. They? Were exclusively white and between college-age and mid-30s; so much for diversity. I was more amused than rattled by them, and I pray that somehow, in some way they never imagined, their spirits were touched by our quiet resolve, by God's love operating through us. They're not bad people; God loves them every bit as he does LC and me. They're just misguided and committed to a lie. I just wish some of them could express their opinion without profanity, but I guess that's a bit much to ask.

Signs of the day:
"Women Deserve Better Than Nancy Pelosi" (of course, I'm originally from her hometown)
"Your Ovaries NEED Our Rosaries"

It was a long walk that took us about three hours, going all the way up the Embarcadero past Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf where tourists looked at us somewhat curiously. Then we headed up and down several short hills as we marched through Fort Mason and then disbanded at Marina Green. We opted not to partake of the various vendors and headed back to our bus, whuch wasn't a short walk either. Props, by the way, to the San Francisco Police, who were most cooperative and helpful all the way through the walk, even to our buses.

It would be about another hour and a half before our bus set out across the Golden Gate Bridge. As I've said before, San Francisco is a gorgeous city, but the biggest problem with it is that it's in San Francisco.

We worked our way north through Marin County, then headed east on Route 37 across the North Bay to hook up with I-80 again in Vallejo. We passed through Sacramento, then the fun started as we headed up into the Sierra Nevada in a decent snowstorm. The bus driver didn't have to put chains on, but he did have to go slowly to keep us from skidding. He couldn't get back to normal speed until after Truckee. The return trip took five hours.

LC and I were exhausted from the walk, the bus rides, and the excessive heat on said bus. We had dinner at Straw Hat Pizza, then went home. I was in bed by 10:30 and didn't wake up until 11 Sunday morning (we went to 5 PM Mass, which will be a separate post).

Props also to KTVU Channel 2 which gave a pretty fair report of the day's proceedings.

I've rarely felt more proud to be a pro-lifer, but I know I have to do more.


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