Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sorry, We're Closed

When I look back over the jobs I've had, I find a disturbing trend: Most of the places I've worked for no longer exist.

I thought about this especially when I learned that XM Satellite Radio (now Sirius XM) showed all its Traffic and Weather reporters the door last week. I worked for XM Traffic and Weather for two years, and really enjoyed my time there; we had a lot of fun together, and the facilities were great, for the most part. I certainly hope the reporters can find new jobs, although I doubt there's much of a future at Sirius XM, which at last check was trading at 12 cents a share. I love the concept of satellite radio, but I'm just not willing to shell out $13 a month for it, especially when my commute is now too short to warrant it. Satellite radio could be a distant memory within the year.

Anyway, let's look back over my career. I'm not counting temporary jobs:

  • Baltimore Sun collections and delivery for Gene Slater, a subcarrier. He gave up the business in 1981.
  • Dishwasher for Blue Bowl Bakery. Closed after the ovens blew up, and was a laundromat last I knew.
  • Bus boy for La Fontaine Bleu. While the franchise still exists, its East Baltimore locations where I worked are long gone.
  • Vendor, Memorial Stadium (I got to see the Orioles in their last World Series appearance, as well as the last Baltimore Colts game ever!). Torn down in 2001.
  • Sales assistant, Clover Furniture. Now a bingo hall.
  • Sales, Watson's Bull Roast, Harborplace. Closed maybe a year after I left.
  • Sales and parts associate, Montgomery Ward Automotive. The store closed in the early 90s, and the chain went under in 2001, although it still exists online.
  • Computer consultant, Loyola College. The school may still have consultants, but I bet its VAX 11/780 has long since been recycled.
  • Insurance representative, Eastern Aviation and Marine Underwriters. Underwent a couple of reorganizations and buyouts, and otherwise no longer exists.
  • Defense Department. Somehow, it exists without me. :-)
  • Keane Federal Systems, government contractor. Still exists, but the Columbia, MD office I worked out of is no more.
  • Gateway Country Store, Annapolis. All Gateway stores closed in 2004, and the company is a shell of its former self.
  • WJRO-AM 1590, Glen Burnie. Was a Gospel station, but is now known as WFBR and plays ethnic programming.
  • WSBA-AM 910, York, PA; and WFMD-AM 930, Frederick, MD are both still in business.
  • XM Traffic and Weather. Closed up shop last week.
  • Traffic.com, Silver Spring, MD. Still in business.
  • Luke's Pizza Company, Frederick. Closed the week after I left.
  • Vocelli's Pizza, Frederick. Still in business.
I hope my current job doesn't find out! =:-o


Marilena said...

the amount of lay offs is appalling. its really troublesome that things have gotten as bad as they have. i hope it ends soon so we can all feel a little more secure!