Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pro-Life Rally and President Bush

LC and I attended the annual Reno Choose Life Rally and Life Chain today. It was great to hear the encouragement of those who are organizing the grass roots pro-life effort here in Nevada. The keynote speaker was Olivia Gans of National Right To Life. We then stood along South McCarran Blvd. with our pro-life signs. The only thing I'd change is that I wish it was silent, like the life chain we attended in Frederick. The ladies "woo-hoo"-ing every time a car honked was a bit intolerable after a while. If the unborn's voices are silenced, can't we be silent too?

I'm looking forward to next week's West Coast Walk for Life.

This coming week, we swing from the best President the pro-life movement ever had in George W. Bush to perhaps its greatest adversary ever in Barack Obama, who owes his election in no small part to Catholics who were either ignorant of his anti-life credentials or just didn't care about them in the voting booth. I'll say it again: despite his overspending and his lack of knowledge about the illegal immigration problem, had Bush been running against Obama, I'd have voted for him.

Thank you, President Bush, for keeping us safe after 9/11, for taking out Saddam Hussein, and for standing up for life.

And I pray for a change of heart in Barack Obama.