Sunday, January 18, 2009

Congrats, Squealers Fans

Dear (oh, all right) Steelers Fans,

Well, you beat us three times this year (one of which I still question), which I guess qualifies you for a Super Bowl. But, let's face it, Ben Roethlisberger made the plays, and Joe Flacco didn't. Troy Polamalu made his plays, while Ed Reed was nowhere to be found (off covering the rest of the world, I guess). And we turned the ball over more than you did.

You will have your hands full with Arizona, although I never thought the football gods would let a Bidwill-owned team into the Super Bowl. Kurt Warner knows how to win, and Larry Fitzgerald will give you fits. It should be a good game. Hope so, anyway.

Yeah, you have your blessed National Following; there's even hordes of Steelers fans here in the Truckee Meadows, while LC and I are still looking for another local Ravens fan. Well, we Ravens fans neither have, need, nor want a National Following. (Don't tell sports talk radio hosts about the fact that almost any road game is a home game for you guys because of your fan base in every NFL city; let them all think 40,000 of you travel from Pittsburgh to every game.)

One thing is for sure: We'll be playing you twice every year. Maybe we'll split. Maybe you'll sweep us like this year. Maybe we'll sweep you like 2006. But. We'll beat the tar out of you one way or the other. And you will to us.

That's what makes this rivalry great.

See you next year,


P.S. WTG Ravens on a season no one expected from a rookie coach and a rookie QB. Least of all, me.