Tuesday, December 30, 2008

TPIR: The Early Days

I got home late from work this morning because I finally found a good barber shop here (thanks, Leroy!). Over breakfast, I was watching The Price Is Right, a show I don't get to see much anymore, but I watched WAY too much of when I was a kid. Drew Carey seems to have settled into the host role.

I started thinking about when the show first started in the 1970s:

  • It was originally called "The NEW Price Is Right" for a number of years. I think the prior edition dates from before I was born.
  • It was originally half an hour long, and there was no Showcase Showdown.
  • The showcases were well under $10,000 in value.
  • Johnny Olsen was the announcer. It was he who made "A NEW CAR!" his signature line. Eventually, he appeared in many of the showcase skits.
  • Every other prize was a grandfather clock, or a fur coat from Zinman Furs of Camden, New Jersey.
  • The prices of the cars that were given away all began with 2 as the first digit . . . and there were only four digits.
  • Hardly anyone in the audience wore specially made T-shirts. (Is TPIR becoming the next Let's Make A Deal?)
  • Bob Barker didn't have gray hair . . . yet.
  • Bob Barker hadn't had any affairs with the lovely ladies on the set . . . yet.
  • There was a syndicated nighttime version with Dennis James as the host. I think more recently there was another attempt at a weeknight version (no, not Bob Barker's prime-time specials) with another host, but it didn't last long.
  • I could swear a mini-submarine was once one of the Showcase prizes, but whoever guessed the price didn't come close to it.
Take a look around YouTube for some great TPIR highlights. My favorite is the woman who just couldn't grasp the concept of the Ten Chances guessing game. Bob Barker's reaction afterward is priceless.

And help control the pet population . . . have your dog or cat spayed or neutered.


paramedicgirl said...

Happy New year, Cygnus!

Boy, I really am out of touch with TV. I hand no idea Drew Carey was hosting the Price is Right. I can imagine him crackimg jokes instead of hosting. I really donèt miss TV, though. The internet keeps me busy enough!

Marilena said...

ahem.. i loved the PIR until bob barker left. drew is borrrrrring. only saw it once with him on it then i just quit watching. cant stomach him for some reason...

Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

I remember when all the cars started with a "2" and there were only 4 numbers. As my late grandmother used to say, "People don't know what to charge for things anymore."

Oh, and your word verification word for me was "dench", as in "Dame Judy". Cool.

Marilena said...

cyg, got a new blog about saint therese:) go to my blog and check out the post, surprise! the link is there:)