Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Fr. Hulk

Thanks, Adoro, for turning me on to Fr. Hulk. If I were a priest, I think this is what I'd be like. His fairly new blog is worth perusing for some common sense.

I especially like his post, "Touchdown!" This is something that I used to be an unwitting part of, the holding hands at the Our Father and the "signaling of a touchdown" at the "For the kingdom . . ." He explains (his emphasis, my comment in red):

The priest's gestures (particularly the Orans position, with arms extended and palms upward) are not intended for you - at all. The priest opens and closes his hands in prayer to God invoking the Holy Spirit on those gathered. He isn't waving hello, so there is no need to wave back.
The only think I don't like about Fr. Hulk's blog is that he doesn't allow comments.

Oh, zoinks, I've done it now! Run! (Yeah, that Hulk.)

UPDATE: Thanks to some litigious readers, his blog is now known as Fr. Cranky.


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I wish he allowed comments too, and there's no way to contact him to thank him for the common sense he's provided.

Marilena said...

regarding hulk hogan, no thanks. never did like him. pumped full of steroids and so on? no. cyg, i cannot imagine you ever like hulk hogan (minus steroids of course) your far too nice to ever be like him. you'd be more like fulton sheen if i had to guess.

Cygnus said...

Back in college, I was a HUGE pro wrasslin' fan, so the Hulkster is usually the first thing I think of. But you're right, he's not exactly a role model these days.