Saturday, October 25, 2008

Why I Hate Car Shopping

It's bad enough that I've had to plow through gobs of Craigslist ads for vehicles and take time to test drive them, only to find most of them have been poorly cared for, or have been in wrecks.

Then, I check out the fly-by-night dealerships who sell all their cars "as is" and manage to score a markup anyway. Check out, for example, the obnoxious site of High Sierra Auto Sales (warning: music and a stoopid cursor geegaw) which bills itself as a "CARFAX Certified Dealer!" Um, Carfax doesn't certify dealers. Also, when I noticed their cars carried none of the federally-required Buyer's Guide forms indicating whether there was a warranty or the car was being sold as is, I ran fast and ran far.

Then there are these scoundrels, Lithia Chrysler Jeep of Reno, who sent their sales manager running out the front door of the dealership to try to stop me from leaving after I made it clear I wasn't buying anything that day! He even banged on my window and yelled at me as I was leaving! How pathetic. I e-mailed Lithia coroprate offices to let them know how unprofessional this schlub was.

I've never really liked auto dealers much, especially after our experience buying LC's Prizm at Blowhanka Saturn in fashionable Marlow Heights, MD four years ago. Today didn't help matters any.



Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

No, but I'll just say good luck. We did once also have someone try to stop us from leaving their lot.. It was Earnhardts in Tempe, I was 6 mos pregnant, and needed to go eat something, we also didn't have a checkbook on us, on purpose... just LOOKING!! Car dealers just don't get that.