Sunday, October 26, 2008

Asking for Miracles

From Fr. Z:

Saints are presented to us by Holy Mother Church for “the two I’s”: imitation and intercession.
As all Christians are called to imitate Christ, we also must experience self-emptying and the Cross, abandonment to providence and self-donation. We must be willing to lose everything.
We are not alone: the Church Militant and the Church Triumphant are closely knit, interwoven in charity. We on earth mustintercede for each other and believe and ask for the intercession of the saints.
God makes use of the weak to demonstrate His might and love.
If we do not believe in miracles, we do not ask for them. If we do not ask for them, they will not be granted.
Our life of faith is noticed by non-believers and they are not unaffected.
What a difference a bishop can make.
How often do you invoke the help of the saints and holy angels?
God’s ways are not our ways.
No one is too small to be an occasion of grace for others.
Wow. Amen.


Anita Moore said...

I would add a third reason saints are presented to us: some of them are in charge of keeping us in trials and tribulations.

In his Dialogue of Comfort against Tribulation, St. Thomas More says that tribulation is necessary to make us holy, and that the total absence of it in this life is a sign of damnation. I strongly suspect, therefore, that as my patron, and as one who rejoiced in the midst of his own sufferings, he is at the bottom of the trials I have had to undergo in my life. He is thus still a good father and disciplinarian now, as he was on earth.

(Even though discipline still sucks while it's going on.)