Sunday, September 07, 2008

Praying For .500

To say the least, I'm not optimistic about the Ravens' chances this season.

And the problems don't start with quarterback, where Joe Flacco got the ball by default. He may be spending an awful lot of time running for his life behind a patchwork offensive line. One bright spot on the offense is that Ray Rice appears to be the Ravens' running back of the future. He'll be nice insurance against the vagaries of Willis McGahee (right now, many Bills fans are saying, "We told you so").

On defense, our D-line and linebackers are still solid, but not as fearsome as in years past. But PLEASE don't tell NFL quarterbacks that our secondary can be thrown on. Although the DBs suffered quite a few injuries last year, Chris McAlister, Samari Rolle, and even Ed Reed weren't anywhere near as effective as they've been. This bunch gave up the 6th-most passing touchdowns in the entire league last year.

I expect to hear much snickering from the Brian Billick apologists this season, which could be a long one for new head coach John Harbaugh.