Saturday, September 13, 2008

Farewell, Maya

For the first time in our marriage, we have no cats. We put Maya down today. LC had gotten her as a five-month-old kitten.

Sadly, we'd been forestalling the inevitable. She had gone weeks without a bowel movement, and when the blockages got to be too much, we'd have to take her to the veterinary ER. To make matters worse, she repeatedly threw up her medicine. At age 16, there just wasn't much more we could have done for her. The stress of the move would have been too much. LC gave her a sedative at home, and then we took her to the vet for the rest.

Pictures and memories:

Here's Maya sharing our bed with Patches, her sometime adversary.

Although Patches also liked doing this, Maya was the one who lived for her "dinka water" out of the bathroom sink. I always had to clean out her fur.

Here she is resting amid the stuff on the floor of my office before it was repainted and recarpeted. Note the bag of catnip close by.

She was our flirtatious cat, always showing off for the men. Even a couple weeks ago when we had our friends Maria and Dan over for dinner, she kept staring at Dan and even put her paw on his leg.

She loved being in the perch next to the window so that she could survey "Maya's world" and check out the birds, bugs, squirrels, etc. Usually while in said perch, I'd brush the excess fur off her and then scratch her belly - if she'd let me. When she did, Maya would go into what I called a "cat-gasm" whereby she'd raise her hind legs and start waving them as she was scratched.

My most enduring memory of Maya: I was once despondent and feeling alone and unloved. I prayed that God would show me some sign that I was loved. Seconds later, Maya trotted over and, like I described above with our friend Dan, put her paw on my leg. Wow.

I pray that she's rough-and-tumbling with Minnie again, and perhaps even hissing at Patches a time or two.

When we get out to Nevada, we will be getting a kitten from Sandy's friend's litter, so we'll look forward to that. But we'll definitely miss the cats we've had.


Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

RIP, Maya.

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Bye-bye good ole kitty..

I'm sure it will make your move much easier, then you can start collecting cats again...