Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Can we vote?

I fear that we may be locked out of this election. We'll be moving to Nevada too late to meet their 30-day residency requirement, but we won't be Maryland residents at the time of the election. Perhaps we'll still be allowed to vote in Maryland (motto: "We weren't really using our 10 electoral votes anyway") via absentee ballot. I hope we can get a straight answer from the Board of Elections.

I guess if we lived in New York and were moving to Florida, we wouldn't have this problem.


Anonymous said...

DB Sez:
When I moved here, pulling into the state on Halloween night, 1988, I still voted back in Minnesota via absentee ballot. I think your problem is that you're asking questions. Just do it. (Not that your votes in this state will be worth much anyway...)

bigbro said...

Here's where you can go. I was my unit's voting officer among other additional duties. Vote early and often.