Monday, September 22, 2008

And Now For Some Sports Rants

Few things are so beautiful as watching or hearing sports personalities completely lose it on camera or microphone.

We start with Jim "Diddly Poo" Mora in New Orleans:

Followed by Jim "Playoffs?!" Mora in Indianapolis:

Is it any surprise that Mora didn't last long in either job after these tirades?

After losing a sizeable lead to Da Bears on Monday Night Football at home, Arizona Cardinals coach Dennis Green praises his opponents . . . sort of:

Kansas City Royals skipper Hal McRae hates a reporter's question so much that he trashes his own office and injures one of the reporters in the process:

Cubs manager Lee Elia takes exception to the fans who show up at the Friendly Confines, and tells the reporters to "run it downtown and print it!" (WARNING: uncensored! Here's a bleeped version if you prefer, but the sound quality isn't as good.)

And then there's the Earl of Baltimore, Earl Weaver, not knowing when to let it go with ump Bill Haller. He was tossed from 97 games in his career, more than any other manager. (WARNING: uncensored!)

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy dresses down a female columnist, and in the process tells everyone how he defines manhood:

And maybe my new all-time favorite: sports talker Mike Valenti goes thermonuclear after Michigan State blew a lead to Notre Dame back in 2006. The best way to listen to this is just to check out the first minute or so, then skip ahead to the 7-minute mark. Notice how hoarse he becomes. The last three minutes of the cut are classic; you'll probably want to listen to it . . . "again!"

And if you care, there's a Part II of Valenti's rant as well. I can't believe Valenti didn't spit out his vocal chords.

Any others you like?

(HT: The Czabe, esp. for Elia, Gundy, and Valenti)