Saturday, September 13, 2008

And I Would Drive Two Hundred Thousand Miles

Sometimes seemingly being held together by pins and duct tape, the Cygmobile - a 2000 Ford Focus wagon - has eclipsed 200,000 miles. It did so rather nicely Wednesday morning as I rolled into my parking space in the Silver Spring garage, accompanied by the strains of Rush's "Xanadu." I commemorated the 150K milestone back here.

We've put a lot of money into the beast, but it's done us well, including today as we cleared out our storage unit (thanks again, Fred and Sterling!). And this coming weekend, I hope to take it one last time to one of the places we went with it first: Pittsburgh.

P.S. I brought the camera to photograph the magic moment, but forgot the memory card. :-( That's an image I found on the Web. Here's the photo I managed to get as soon as I found the card:


Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Way to go forgetting the memory card, Cyg! I've never had a car hit that mark, but I did have a Honda Accord that hit 120k I think, as it rolled thru my brother, after we'd had it..