Saturday, August 02, 2008

Well Said

Dan O'Day punks a couple of fax spammers here and here, both of whom are from the same company. They're long, but nicely done!

Silvergirl has a couple of weirdos over to her church picnic.

Julia and her BF slog to and through a water park and enjoy her birthday dinner.

Paramedicgirl makes me gellus with her vacation.

Wife and Mom of Two shows, by way of WND, how San Francisco is the paragon of tolerance.

The Czabe's skewering of Michelle Wie pays off as the delusional 18-year-old fails to make the cut at the (men's) Reno-Tahoe Open. She has plenty of excuses and spin, however. Just go away already, and take Brett Favre with you.

Father Z takes time out of saying the black and doing the red to list some of his favorite movie villains.

And I find it interesting that the (increasingly less Catholic) blog The Cafeteria Is Closed . . . is closed.


Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

Re: the cafeteria: "Invited Readers only?" It used to have the url of his new blog...hmmm...