Monday, August 11, 2008

Summon The Priests

And I thought the priest shortage was only a problem out west, where, for example, a Montana pastor has a 7,500-square-mile parish. Not diocese, parish. That's over 2/3 the size of Maryland!

We moved over six years ago from the northern portion of Anne Arundel County, a populous subdivision south of Baltimore. Our former parish was the Church of the Crucifixion, with an intimate congregation of only about 400 families. Also in the area are four other parishes, all of which are much larger.

Now? These five parishes have among them a grand total of three priests.

We I so need to pray for vocations to the priesthood. I actually considered the seminary myself when I was in high school, so I prayed that God would increase my desire if that were His will. It didn't increase.

Later, when in college I told my mom I could still become a priest, she replied, "Son, I don't think God's gonna let you off that easy!"


angie goff said...

you did not consider the Seminary did you really??? I learn new stuff about you everyday!

your mama is funny!

Hey don't forget to leave your candle pic... and answer my casting call today!!!

Cygnus said...

If you're really bored, Angie, I've got nearly 500 other scribblings about myself you can peruse! (Just ignore the rants.)

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I hope that my vocation will increase within the next few years or so as I'm in search of a seminary that will accept an actual practicing Catholic who has no intentions on doing the SOV2