Friday, August 01, 2008

A Pot Pourri In Every Chicken

Maya remains sick; she's not eating much, and she's visiting the litterbox often. LC's taking her to the vet yet again. It's not looking good.

I'm so done with real estate agents telling us that Casa del Cyg "shows very well, but the bedrooms are too small." Just buy it already!

Why is Southwest Airlines getting in bed with The Race, aka La Raza? And what other pressure group would be allowed to have such a name? I guess Southwest hasn't had enough PR gaffes lately.

Things I Should Have Known Already Department: Don't take your car to Wal-Mart for service of any sort. In the process of getting new tires and an oil change (which took MUCH longer than they said it would) for the Cygmobile, the fine, highly-paid (ha!) technicians at Wal-Mart ran over one of my wheel covers. I had to drive to Mt. Airy to get another one and get reimbursed for it. The store manager was a jackass about it ("Are you expecting perfection?" he said. I'd have settled for mediocrity), but the assistant manager was most helpful and actually gave a damn whether I ever shopped there again. I still had to get the oil changed AGAIN because my gas mileage dropped way down after the Wal-Mart disservice.

I think I played my best round of golf ever with my dad today. Okay, the score of 102 doesn't show it, but I had no double-digit holes, my short game was on, and I had *five* pars. If only I could take back all the penalty strokes I had from driving balls into hazards off the tee. Not bad for someone who hardly ever plays and has never had a formal lesson! Thanks again, Dad, and watch your back next time!


bigbro said...

I remember trying to break 90 for the first time when I was in Cheyenne. I had a few rounds where my score was a 91 and it included a penalty for going OB. I haven't had problems with Wal-Mart for car service. I was glad I got my tires from them when we came out to AZ. We had a blowout in Oklahoma City and they replaced it. I had the tire protection plan and it paid off.

Silvergirl said...

I'm so sorry Maya isn't doing well.

The house sale - someone will make a good offer soon. I just know it. *positive vibes*

Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

Bedrooms too small?! Its called a starter home, people!!