Sunday, August 10, 2008

Deck the Frogs

LC and I were on our back deck talking with our next-door neighbor about this and that. We were starting to go in the house as it started raining, but before we did, LC moved a couple pieces of wood on our deck. To our surprise, we found:

A pair of tree frogs. LC thought she heard them the other night! The smaller of the two wasn't much larger around than a quarter.

As the rain got a little harder, I came back to find that one of the frogs had departed, but the other still posed for pictures:

We're not sure where the one could have jumped off to: our neighbor's deck, the fence about 6 feet down, or the ground about 15 feet down. But this was a pleasant surprise!

(Thanks, Angie, for the hat tip.)


angieGoff said...

ha ha!
I love these tree frogs. What cute critters. Be careful you could step on them!! I may post these in my blog if that's okay!

Cygnus said...

Go right ahead, Angie! I'd give 'em to you if I could.

Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...