Friday, July 11, 2008

Oh My Golf

(a nod to my work client Angie Goff)

I've gone back and forth about whether to sell my golf clubs in preparation for our move to Reno. I didn't pay much for them, and it turns out my 7-wood is the only club I can hit with any semblance of regularity. At least I do like my golf bag.

I'm an infrequent golf player, probably so much so that I'll never become even slightly good at it. I doubt I'm even good enough to have a handicap. And I'm the kind of golfer others don't want on the course (hi, Steve Czaban): constantly searching for lost balls, chunking over the green numerous times, three- or four-putting, etc. I enjoy being out on the links (especially with my dad), but it's rare that I don't wind up letting some other group play through. And once when playing in Pennsylvania with fellow golfers from the old Lamb of God Community, I was paired with a group of hackers who were even worse than I was; we nearly got thrown off the course.

I once heard a statistic that three million people give up golf every year (I don't have sourcing for that other than milquetoast radio host Clark Howard, and he cited no sources). Whether that stat is correct, it appears that indeed there are fewer golfers these days, according to this Golf Digest article. Money has been tight, and I can't get away to play golf as much as I'd like. And out in Nevada, I won't have the benefit of my dad treating me to a round, whereas my FIL despises golf.

Oh well, at least I'll still be able to drive balls into the pond outside the Grand Sierra, formerly the Reno Hilton. And while there, I could take up bowling again, if I don't injure my elbow that was operated on last year. After all, my bowling scores often resemble golf scores, and vice versa.

Finally, I'm one of those weirdos who likes watching golf on TV, even if it does put me to sleep. I remember watching golf while on my parents' screened-in side porch on a sunny afternoon while propped up on the Naugahyde cushions of their old sofa.


angieGoff said...

ha ha thanks for the NOD!