Friday, July 11, 2008

Letter To Applebee's Management

Sent to Applebee's regarding our meal of Thursday evening, July 10:

My wife and I are longtime patrons of Applebee's and have regularly visited the restaurant in Frederick. We will not be doing so ever again, a decision that was foisted upon us by the deplorable actions of the manager that evening. His server didn't help matters much by constantly screwing up the order from start to finish; he couldn't even get our drink orders right, and apparently screwed up the table next to ours so badly that the family left because they were tired of waiting for their change.

When the server brought out my supposed "Caesar salad" after more than 20 minutes of our being seated (an unreasonable delay considering that the place was not busy), it consisted of just a few lettuce leaves with the smallest dollop of Caesar dressing. I asked the server to add more dressing; he responded with a side cup of more dressing. Then I saw there was no cheese.

At that point I asked for the manager and said to him that what I had was not a Caesar salad. His curt reply: "The amounts are predetermined." Perhaps true, but hardly useful to me. I asked him repeatedly if there were problems in the kitchen, which it seemed obvious to me there had to be. He said no every time, and the only other thing he offered was to "speak to the kitchen staff."

After another wait of 20 minutes, we still didn't have our entrees. The server had already assured me that they would be "right out"; they weren't. I called over the manager again to register my displeasure over the lack of service we were getting.

And now here's the point of why we are so upset. As I expressed our dismay over how we were being treated, the manager said I "was being very rude." Wrong answer. First, I was not rude, just unhappy. Second, no manager will ever keep a customer coming back to his establishment by calling him "rude," especially when he wasn't.

The manager did comp our meals, which we took to go because we didn't want to hang around there any longer; I had to get up early the next morning. We did not seek to get our meals comped. But I cannot get over his desire to fight with me and, in essence, tell me to my face that I am not welcome in his restaurant. So guess what? I'll give him what he asked for; I won't be back. I don't patronize places that make it obvious that they don't want me there. I have far too many choices in my area, including Cracker Barrel, TGI Fridays, Ruby Tuesdays, Houlihan's, Uno, and Chipotle, to name a few.

It seems that the management recently turned over in the Frederick restaurant. You may wish to turn it over again unless you want more letters like this one.

A disappointed former regular patron,


Anonymous said...

Once...once I went to Applebee's. Got to sit there for, I kid you not, 30 minutes without any wait staff coming to even get our drink orders. Sure it was a crazy Sunday after church and they were packed, but half an hour of sitting while server after server passed us and looked at eachother as if to say "that's not MY table, is it yours?" finally had us getting up and walking out, stopping on the way to explain exactly why.