Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Let's Spin Into A Hole

Ever stop to think how many people's jobs depend on convincing others that things are Not Going Well?

I was so amused when, as a news reporter, I would hear the litanies of how bad the schools and the teachers had it. Not that I want teachers to be downtrodden (after all, SmallestBro is one), but if things were going just fine for teachers, the union leaders would be out of a job. And if you still watch your broadcast networks' Evening News, you'd want to take a Glock and end the misery right now, the way they paint the world. Again, if everything were hunky-dory, what would they put on for 30 minutes, minus commercials? (Makes me wonder what it's like working for NPR.)

Granted, it works both ways: I'm glad Bill Donohue of the Catholic League is always on the warpath, but he'd be just another Catholic pulling down a different paycheck if there weren't things to get up in arms about. Who knows, maybe he'd like to put himself out of business, but as Dymphna points out, I think he'll be employed for some time to come.

Still, I find it interesting that so much of this economy depends on spin. And I haven't even mentioned talk radio . . . and I'm not gonna, because I'm too tired.