Saturday, June 07, 2008

Much obliged!

A tip of the hat to one Tim O'Connor, music director at St. Joseph Parish in Bradenton, FL, who sent me a fresh version recording of a concert I attended back when I was there! This concert was the parishes of Sarasota and Bradenton celebrating the arrival of the new millennium with choirs, handbells, organ, piano, and small orchestra (no guitars).

I enjoyed the music! It ranged from Mozart to John Rutter to Suzanne Toolan to settings of traditional hymns like "Holy God, We Praise Thy Name" and "I Sing The Mighty Power Of God." And it wasn't during a Mass, so I can't gripe about that. :-)

Plus, it shows to go me that not all music directors are mere minions of GIA-OCP. Thanks again, Tim!

And a further hat tip to cow-orker and singer John Koprowski for inviting me to come in the first place.