Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's Just A Little Pot! (Pourri)

What's been happening lately? Well...

  • Packing continues. Will it never end? Took us all afternoon to realize we'd already packed my tape deck. We now have to look at what we absolutely need to live on for the next 3-6 months.
  • No one seems to want to buy our bedroom set, entertainment center, or desk chair. And now we've got a La-Z-Boy to add to the mix. We did sell our bikes and one of our bowling balls, however.
  • I played Captain Caulk over the weekend, with mixed results. Did OK with the clear caulk downstairs on the kitchen counter, but around the bathroom sinks . . . not so much. In fact, we'll have to repaint portions near the sink because of my brilliant idea of putting down adhesive caulk instead. It didn't hold, and when I pulled it up, paint came with it. Phooey.
  • We've decided not to take either car out west. It's not worth the $1000 or so to get either the Cygmobile (with nearly 200K miles on it) or the Cubmobile (which routinely drinks more oil than fuel) out there.
  • I'm now working the early mornings again (5 AM to 10 AM). Upside: I feel like I have more of the day available to me, even when I come home and sack out for a while. Downside: I'm more tired more often. I'll make the drive to and from Ocean City on Saturday. (Main downside to working 12 noon to 8 PM: Work, sleep, work, sleep, and nought else.)
  • Now working with me is the husband of my theater friend Chenoa (the one who played Helena to my Demetrius in A Midsummer Night's Dream). LC and I have given them one of our window air conditioners and my glider rocker and ottoman. In return, we've gotten loaves of bread from MOM (My Organic Market). Well, Jack once traded a cow for some magic beans; how'd that work out?
  • We had a nice Father's Day get-together, including Mass at which my father lectored. The songs were actually rather reasonable for a change, except for an instrumental version of The Yoo-Hoo Song ("On Eagles' Wings") at communion. Since it was the night before, I told Dad we were giving him the best Father's Day gift of all: leaving him alone.
  • And here's an opinion thrown in at no extra charge: With huge portions of Iowa and elsewhere in the Midwest under water, PBS' MacNeil-Lehrer News Hour wastes valuable air time with an extended report on New Orleans landfills. Is it any wonder why I'll never be a "member" of any PBS station?