Monday, June 02, 2008

Boo Freakin' Hoo

Did you know Marty Haugen is not Catholic? Me neither, until now. And you'll never know it from his page on GIA's site.

In fact, he's part of the United Church of Christ, which is about one step above Unitarian Universalism in its self-centeredness, leftism, and MTV-generation mentality.

Did you know that Haugen is so upset that so many Catholics (like me) assailed the choices of music (if you can call some of it that) for the Papal Mass at Nationals Park in April, arranged by one Tom Stehle? Courtesy of The Cafeteria is Closed, here's what Haugen had to say:

For twenty plus years I have been told, mainly anonymously through the internet, how I have been personally responsible for destroying Roman Catholic worship. I have never responded [why, because it MIGHT be true to some degree?]; however, I wish to offer a few comments now.

First of all, although I am not Roman Catholic [okay, so when can I, a Catholic, start writing music for UCC services? But that's also the fault of the GIA-OCP cabal who put Haugen in charge of such things as editor], I have a deep love and respect for and faith in the worship tradition of the Roman Catholic Church [Well, isn't that special?]. My own hesitancy about joining the Church is not about its eucharistic theology, but rather around the unwillingness of the Church to commission, ordain and welcome all humans as Jesus did–male and female, married and unmarried, saints and sinners [have a nice wait, and knowing this, it shocks me to think that GIA-OCP put you in charge of liturgical ANYthing. And how, as Fr. Joe points out, did the Church decide that GIA-OCP were the final arbiters of liturgical music, anyway?]. I believe that the Church, God’s people and all of creation have suffered from this omission [speak for yourself, buster] .

I do not think of my own music as central or important to Roman Catholic worship [So what? GIA and OCP sure do], present or future. I began writing as a parish musician; I still keep the vision that to be “catholic” is to learn and love and embrace the best of the past tradition and to welcome the “best” of what is new, as Gods [sic] speaks through all cultures and expressions (see “Lumen Gentia” [sic]) [Um, yeeeahhhh. Run that by the German Shepherd and see what sort of response you get]. I leave it to communities and to the Holy Spirit that will (more than us, thank God) guide the future choices that will last [And that will outlast the aforementioned GIA-OCP].

I had nothing to do with the choice of “Mass of Creation” for a Papal Mass [Ashamed of it, huh?]. Having said that, I believe that attacks upon Tom Stehle in his efforts to engage a congregation with what he hoped would be familiar and meaningful to them (using parts of the liturgy with currently approved texts) [By whom?] were [Spot on and necessary] unfair, un-Christian and beneath those of us who truly care about how God speaks through our Sacraments [You don't even BELIEVE in the same Sacraments we do, so put a sock in your keyboard!].

In short, Marty: Boo. Freakin'. Hoo. There are few, if any, songs of yours or David Haas' that I'll even sing in Mass anymore.

Oh, do you think I was hostile toward Marty Haugen? You ain't read nothin' yet. Even so, I don't wish Haugen, Haas, or their ilk any ill will. Rather, I look forward to the day when both GIA and OCP are closed for business, and their claptrap has nowhere to be sung . . . except maybe at a UCC service.


Julia said...

Those weirdo leftists at the Unitarian Universalists welcomed me when I felt like I didn't want or welcome a religion.

Same with the Quakers.

::shrug:: to each his own.

Cygnus said...

"There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin." --Linus

Thanks for your reply, Julia. It's made me think quite a bit.

I go to meetings at a couple of UU churches, and for such an "open-minded" congregation, I'm sure there isn't a UU church that wants me or what's in my mind, hence my opinion. I half-jokingly once said that UU is "church for people who don't like church." Given your reply, I may be closer to the truth than I realized. And if UU was welcoming to you, Julia, I certainly can't argue with that.

But then again, I reckon the Catholic Church may not have much for you. And that's what I started thinking about: To what degree should a church try to be all things to everyone (St. Paul mentioned that in his letters)? Both the Catholic Church and UU are what they are. Could I come up with a way that the Catholic Church could be more open to you? I'm not sure, and you might not want it anyway.

I guess I just have to live and let live. But I hope you see how important my faith is to me. Now if I could only actually live my life more that way.

Thanks again, Julia.

dragonflies said...

At first I thought your post was about Samboohoo. Obviously I'm off a bit.