Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Babies as a Commodity

What hath the pro-death abortion rights reproductive choice movement wrought? Well, regardless of whether the upsurge of pregnant Gloucester, MA mid-teens was the result of a "pact," we now know that babies are no longer people: they're a commodity.

Don't get me wrong; I'm glad these babies are being brought to term and not being aborted. Still, they came about because of sick thinking on the part of these kids having kids. Considering that at least one of these babies was allegedly fathered by a 24-year-old homeless man (statutory rape, anyone?), it seems that there must be some mindset among teenage girls that babies are nice to have because they're cute and they give unconditional love. How about adopting a puppy or a kitten instead, hm? But that's okay; like with the puppy or kitten, the new mom can always shunt the responsibility onto (Grand)Mom and (Grand)Dad while she continues to party and otherwise act like a teenager in the style To Which She Is Entitled.

(Aside to Bigbro: Sometimes I wonder how you and BigSIL manage your four girls. But I'm glad you do.)

Although I don't believe they're the scapegoats as folks in Gloucester are making them out to be, movies like Bella and Juno may be good from the point of view that they don't advocate abortion, but I believe they unwittingly spread the message that Oopsies Are Okay. Heck, Jamie Lynn Spears had an oopsie, and isn't that great! While a pregnant girl need not bear the Scarlet Letter as in my mom's day, neither should society remove all stigma and peer pressure from out-of-wedlock sex and pregnancies as is the case in our postmodern society.

And it used to be that the boys (and 24-year-old homeless men) involved had no consequences for their actions in impregnating girls, as was the case back in my mom's day. That's wrong; without them, these pregnancies wouldn't have happened. But as Kay Himowitz points out, the males have become all but irrelevant now, being nothing more than walking turkey basters at best. These girls seek to be single moms and take on motherhood long before they are mature enough to do so because they think they're entitled to a baby. I know, that thought of babies being gifts from God as a result of marriage is sooooo outdated.

And that's what this overall disregard for life and morals has brought us to. Babies are a commodity to have (as a pet) or to abort, and nothing more. The solution to all this is simple, not easy, but not impossible either:

Don't. Have. Sex. Outside. Marriage.

I know, there I go being black and white again. But, like Calvin (as in Hobbes thereand) told his dad, "Sometimes, that's the way things are!"