Sunday, May 04, 2008

Why I Will Never Live In Canada, Reason #18,923

I know Dawn Eden's countercultural stance for chastity can be hard for some people to take. But at a Can'tadian . . . Catholic . . . high school?

What the heck are these kids being taught? This, apparently:

"I'm a catholic and i absolutely love having sex... does it mean im a bad person? No, i think that chastity should be up to the person, I believe in making my own decisions on my lifestyle, based on what i feel is right its called cultural relativism."
Guess that student slept through that part of the Catechism (the hwat?).

Granted, not all the kids from the school felt that way, as evidenced in comments on Dawn's blog. But if what LifeSiteNews says at the end of the article is true, the reaction Dawn got isn't very surprising:
Ontario's Catholic teachers are all forced to belong to a union that has for many years strongly opposed the Church's moral teachings. The union intervened in a legal action on behalf of a student that successfully forced his Catholic school to allow him to bring his homosexual lover to the school prom.

The province's bishops have not taken strong actions to bring the union in line. The main school religion programs, approved by the bishops, have received much criticism for their weak presentation of Catholic teaching and excessive emphasis on "social justice" issues.

Despite these negative factors, some Ontario Catholic schools, thanks to faithful School Boards, teachers, principles and parents, as well as some bishops who have accepted there are serious problems in the schools they must personally address, do manage to give authentic Catholic moral and spiritual formation to their students.
Why are the Ontario bishops so cowed? Are they afraid they'll be fired?

And I thought my college had problems with Catholic identity. God bless all the faithful Ontario Catholic teachers and administrators who have to labor under those oppressive conditions.