Monday, May 05, 2008

Why did I wait so long?

I love my new MP3 player, a SanDisk Sansa with 4 GB capacity. Now my CDs can stay nice and safe in the house instead of risking being damaged in my car. And I've actually ripped all of my CDs to this computer, which has more than enough disk space to handle it.

What I love about the player is that I'm now the DJ, and I can randomize the play of some or all of my songs. And since I selected the songs, I won't hear any I don't want! I could, of course, skip something because I'm not in the mood.

Now all I need is a car stereo with a line-in jack. The FM transmitter does OK, but there's too much static in the background.


Anonymous said...

DB sez:
You got a cassette player in that beast? They make
headphone -> cassette adapters that do a decent job.

I've got the same one, but mine's only 2GB, but who needs that much music anyway? If I want more, it's memory-card expandable. :) My car's got the MP3 jack too. :)

Cygnus said...

Newp, DB, the Cygmobile is devoid of a cassette player. Yes, that would work better than a FM transmitter, but cassettes are quickly walking in the footsteps of 8-tracks, so there are few cassette decks in vehicles today.

bigbro said...

My 1991 Buick sedan has a cassette player and the AC doesn't work. That makes for a long summer in AZ.

Cygnus said...

That's the big blue one, right? I forgot you had it. (For a minute I thought you were talking about the orange one you had in ND).

Oh, well, to paraphrase Jeff Foxworthy, "We're dehydrating, but we have tunes."

The Cygmobile (2000 Ford Focus wagon) now has no A/C either. Needs a new compressor.

And for those of you reading, I destroyed BigBro's first car when he enlisted in the Air Force so log ago. Never occurred to me to check occasionally if it needed oil.

Em B said...

Ahhhhh....I miss my ipod. No tunes in the car for me!

silverman said...

Upon the whole Sansa has fewer features than iPod Nano but it’s good for its price class. I have Sansa View. It has big screen, it’s possible to watch video and photo, listen to music and radio. And the price is affordable. I’m happy about my Sansa