Monday, May 12, 2008

Selected TV Shows I Have Never Watched A Full Episode Of

(and, if they're still on, I have no plans to watch anytime soon:)

American Idol
Ugly Betty
South Park
Family Guy
Desperate Housewives
The West Wing
The Drew Carey Show
Will and Grace
Reno 911! (NOT a popular show in our soon-to-be hometown)
Dancing with the Stars
Seinfeld (at least I don't think I have)
Farscape (why save it when no one's even HEARD of it?)
The Sopranos (or any other HBO/Showtime series)
Homicide (despite the fact it was filmed in Baltimore)
Any of the CSI:s
Any of the Law and Orders
Grey's Anatomy
Friday Night Lights
Beverly Hills 90210
Melrose Place
The OC
Three's Company (wasn't allowed)
Bewitched (wasn't allowed)
St. Elsewhere
WKRP in Cincinnati
The View
Dr. Phil
Rachael Ray
Any afternoon soap opera

And, having become a reverse TV snob, I'm durn proud of it. A number of these owe to the fact that we haven't had cable for over four years now.

Oh, I should mention that Bigbro and I weren't allowed to watch Benny Hill, but we did anyway.)


bigbro said...

Thanks for diming me out.

Anonymous said...

All this list tells me is that you don't really like Television. There are a lot of bad shows on this list for sure, but there are some really great ones too. How about a list of what you do think is worth your time...

Cygnus said...

The Amazing Race and Antiques Roadshow. All else I can live without.

You're absolutely right: I DON'T really like television, not anymore. Thank God for DVDs.

paramedicgirl said...

I rarely sit through a whole TV show, either. I have seen full episodes of Reeba, but that's about it. There are so many good Catholic books to read...

Cygnus said...

PG, I can't sit still long enough to read much of anything!