Monday, May 05, 2008

No Pizza For You

Two Saturdays ago, I left my pizza delivery job. Among other reasons, I began losing money on my routes with lousy tips coupled with the high cost of gasoline. Also, there weren't enough drivers to satisfy customers at high-volume times and too many drivers when they weren't needed.

But most of all, one of my paychecks BOUNCED. That's not a sign of a company in a good financial situation, is it?

As proof that I got while the getting was good, I saw yesterday that the restaurant was closed for "emergency renovations" for the next month. So was their other location. I think that means the current owners sold the place. Thus, I wouldn't have been working there anyway.

I hope it reopens with new management, because the pizza and other entrees and sandwiches were quite good.

UPDATE: That's not going to happen. According to a source with excellent access, the owners are not only going to lose the stores, but their houses as well. They certainly weren't good managers, but I don't wish a fate like that on them. Or anyone.

And they did get me my final paycheck, which I have safely cashed.