Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More Manly Bonding

Saturday night was "Guys Gotta Eat" night. My friend Steve graciously got a group of six of us racks of ribs from Carter-que, a rib joint in Mount Airy. "Get in my belly!" I cried, as I thought I was paying tribute to Homer Simpson (turns out that's really from the second Austin Powers movie).

Man, those things were scrumptious. Never thought black raspberry would make for good barbecue sauce, but it does. Their BBQ chicken was quite good as well. Another guy brought genuine birch beer with low carbonation; that was tasty. And to counteract all that and the corn bread, we had salad. That's negative calories . . . right?

Steve then showed us around his farm in northern Montgomery County, complete with sheep (or "sheeps," as LC likes to say just to annoy me). They were in desperate need of some shearing; their little legs looked unequal to the task.

After everyone had his fill, we watched some NASCAR, nodded off a bit, and then headed home. I wanted to take the scenic route home, but I got a bit worried when the road I was headed north on suddenly became unpaved. I feared I'd wind up in someone's barn, crashing into the stall next to Big Brown or something.

Actually, what I encountered was worse: a ford at the bottom of a hill that looked too swollen from recent rains to risk crossing, especially in the dark. So I and another bonding participant behind me turned around and went back the way we had come originally.

I should also add that Steve lent me his power washer, and within a few days (one of which was in the pouring rain, but I didn't want to get out of my wet clothes anymore), I finished cleaning my deck, the vinyl siding, and the fence around the back yard in preparation for the move. Now I just have to get rid of the splinters on the rails of the deck, one of which found its way into LC's finger.

But using the power washer made me feel even more manly. And I give considerable thanks to Steve for lending it to me; it saved me hundreds of dollars in rental costs, and the thing was barely larger than a vacuum cleaner.


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