Saturday, May 24, 2008

Another Night With The Keys

LC and I took a break from our house prepping to watch the Frederick Keys (defending Carolina League champions) lose to the Myrtle Beach Pelicans (the Class A affiliate of the Atlanta Braves), 8-4, before almost 9,000 fans -- the best turnout for the Keys so far this season. One reason the Keys lost: they had three throwing errors on one play (the third baseman's throw to first, the first baseman's throw back to third to catch the runner from first, and then the throw home to get the same runner, with the batter winding up on third; heads-up running by the MB guys). You gotta love minor league baseball; these guys are in Class A for a reason.

We felt the ump at first robbed the Keys of a couple calls, and another bad call gave the Pelicans an infield hit on a nubber up the third-base line that had appeared to roll foul.

Tonight was Rubber Duckie giveaway night and Superheroes night, with Batman, Spiderman, the Flash, Space Ghost (?), the Joker, and others prowling the stands. You'd think at least one of them could have been on a zip line. The Joker stole some kid's popcorn and a bunch of the Keys' bats, but he was properly apprehended later.

For dinner, I tried the Triple Play Burger, three quarter-pound patties stacked atop each other with bacon and BBQ sauce. In possibly related news, my jeans feel tighter through the waist. Guess I won't need to go back to Five Guys for a while.

After the loss, the kids got to run the bases. It's always fun to watch the smallest ones do so; some of them can really move. One tot, however, turned at third base and then stopped dead, for waving her on was . . . the Joker. She wanted no part of him, obviously frightened by his appearance. So the Joker was sent off, and Space Ghost instead helped Keys mascot "Keyote" welcome the kids to home plate. The whole thing took about 20 minutes for all the kids to get through.

Then the night concluded with the usual excellent fireworks show.

I've blogged about prior Keys games here and here.


Bigbro said...

The D-backs let the kids run the bases after Sunday home games. I have a picture of my youngest doing it, I think she was 2 1/2 at the time. It's a fun and cool thing to do and it doesn't cost anything to do. But it doesn't beat the deal of being a Jr. Oriole in the 1970s.

Cygnus said...

We remembered you telling us about the girls running the bases, but we couldn't remember whether it was at a D-backs game or at a minor league park.

Jr. Orioles was nice indeed. Ten Oriole game tickets, which could be converted to upper reserved in advance. Only now is the current package approaching what we used to have; low attendance will do that for you.

And remember when going to Opening Day was the surest sign that spring was coming, even if the gametime temperature was 40 degrees? Although getting out of school early was nice too.