Monday, April 07, 2008

The Sierra Club *heart*s OPEC

If gasoline prices come down anytime soon, don't blame the Sierra Club. As Debra Saunders writes:

Sierra Club Deputy Executive Director Bruce Hamilton defended the House vote on the marine sanctuaries by noting they are home to important fisheries and that the amount of oil from the sanctuaries is so modest it would not affect the pump price. He argued the solution to high gas prices is more efficient cars and energy use. Got it.

But when I asked Mr. Hamilton where it is OK to drill in California, he could only accept pumping "existing" oil fields. No new drilling. Anywhere.

While the Sierra Club no longer calls for high European-style gasoline taxes to reduce energy consumption, that's where its no-new-drilling policies lead — to European-style gas prices. Existing oil wells are becoming depleted and, because most people aren't walking to work, more oil has to come from somewhere — or prices will continue rising. While the greenies tout new technologies as the answer, that's a someday solution. It's not a real solution for today.

So not only does the Sierra Club not know anything about supply and demand, I guess it's in league with the Saudis, Iran, and Hugo Chavez. Nice.