Monday, April 07, 2008

Better Late Than Never

At last, a wrong has been righted: 49-year Mount St. Mary's basketball coach Jim Phelan is in the College Basketball Hall of Fame. He only won 830 games (still fourth on the all-time list), and it was my privilege to cover the last of those wins a few years ago. Everyone (even the women!) wore bow ties in his honor, as did I.

He's a classy coach who mamaged to take the Mountaineers to the NCAA tournament twice, and his exclusion from the HoF was inexcusable. Kudos to ESPN's Fred Carter (arguably Phelan's most famous protege) for leading the campaign to get Phelan inducted.

CLARIFICATION: This is not the Naismith HoF in Springfield, MA, from which Phelan is still excluded. So the campaign continues.