Sunday, March 02, 2008

What Business Plan?

I admire Craig Newmark, who has singlehandedly put classified sections of newspapers out of business. Yep, he's the Craig of

What I love about Newmark: He has no business plan. As he says, "We do one thing well. Not screwing it up is good." I can't imagine how process consultants, TQMers, or Six Sigma-ists would make craigslist so unworkable! (I SO hated hearing about all that improvement junk when I was with the government.)

The only thing I don't like about craigslist, which isn't much: Lose the "peace" symbol, the upside-down broken cross. Other than that, it's an incredible innovation.

And the only thing Newmark needs to worry about is the 15-year-old who, even now, is coming up with something we haven't even thought of yet which will make craigslist obsolete.


Em B said...

No business plan. Brilliant! I like this guy already.