Friday, March 07, 2008


A couple strange things from the past week:

Two Dollars, Again

On Monday morning, I knew I had a teeth cleaning appointment right after my work shift, which ended around 10 AM, so I had to beat feet out of the office. As I was leaving, my boss called me into his office so I could sign a card and make a gift contribution for my cow-orker who became a dad a couple weeks ago. So I gave him a small sum of money, knowing that my boss said some time ago that we were going to do something like this.

I hustled off to the parking garage. At this garage, you get a ticket when entering, and then when you return, you pay the fee before you return to your car. Then you stick the validated ticket in the gate and go on your way. If you arrive before the garage is officially open (as I do at 5 AM), the gates are up, and you get your ticket from the attendant when you return.

I got my ticket from the attendant, inserted the ticket which prompted me for two dollars, reached into my pocket, and . . . found I had only one dollar. I had shortchanged myself with my contribution! D'ohhhh!

It was a three-block jaunt up to the ATM to take out a twenty, then three blocks back to the garage before I could leave. This made me late for my appointment. But I could at least call on my cell phone and let them know I was running late, right?

Wrong. I didn't have my dentist's number, and since this was only the second time I had been there, I didn't even remember what name to use if I called 411! So I got there a half hour late and had to rescheduled. Fortunately, they didn't charge me for a missed appointment, and I go there again this Wednesday.

Out In The Cold

No one likes to have this happen: I locked my keys in the Cygmobile.

I had stopped in Ollie's Bargain Outlet in beautiful Hagerstown (or, as it is also known, "Hagerspatch") to see what Maryland Terrapins gear was there. All I wound up getting was some microwave popcorn, which I returned to the Cygmobile. I was going to check at the K Mart next door, and didn't want to take my Ollie's bag in there.

So I laid it on the passenger seat of the Cygmobile along with, for reasons that I'll never know, my keys. Then I habitually hit the door auto-lock and shut it. Locked out. And the key isn't really the type that I can make a copy of and carry in my wallet.

It wasn't brutally cold that evening, but the temperature was dropping as a cold front moved through. I didn't have my coat, only a sweatshirt. Fortunately, the K Mart didn't close until 10 PM, not 9 PM as I feared, so I didn't have to shiver outside.

I called Progressive (my insurance company) and tried to arrange for roadside assistance. The first rep I got didn't understand a dang thing I said, so I hung up. The next one was much easier to work with, although it was difficult to determine my exact address.

The tow truck came in about 25 minutes. Within two minutes, the driver had gotten it unlocked. Whew, although it points out how not long it can take some low-life to swipe a car also!

Even if Ladycub were in town, which she wasn't, I wouldn't suffer her to drive that far to unlock the door. I drove off happy, and took a nice hot bath back at home.

Oh, and while waiting at K Mart, I scored a nice Terps hoodie and a Ravens cap for a total of $17.


C. said...

I can relate, in a way. One of the "features" of my car is that if the engine is off, the doors lock automatically in 30 seconds. Despite being told this many. many times; dear son left the keys on the seat of the car while trying to do me a favor and get gas. Luckily the gas station was just down the road. He still can't figure out why he left them on the seat of the car.