Sunday, March 02, 2008

So Sad

Last night I took home a young lady from my pizza place for the last time, as that was her final night working there. She noticed the pro-life stickers I had on my rear window.

She repeatedly asked me questions about why I would support bringing a child into the world where it could be abused by his or her parents. I replied that it would shortchange the ability of the child to overcome his or her upbringing (and, by extension, God's ability to heal those hurts).

But by the time my co-worker left the car, she stunned me by saying that she would rather have been aborted. Wow.

Please pray for this young lady, about 18 or so. She obviously has been hurt quite a bit in her life. But just as obviously, she can't be alone. How many others do I meet every day, be they Christians or atheists, hetero- or homosexual, from intact or broken homes, etc. who are in just as much pain?

As another friend of mine once said he prayed, "God, please help everyone everywhere."