Tuesday, February 26, 2008


My cow-orker and I got into an interesting discussion today about who have been some of the most typecast actors and actresses. This was spurred by the appearance of Gary Coleman and his young wife on the Today Show for some reason. We decided that he'll always be Arnold from Diff'rent Strokes. So too Todd Bridges and Dana Plato from the same show, who both went on to brushes with the law.

A few others who got typecast:

Adam West: Did a number of other things, but will always be known as Batman.

The entire cast of Gilligan's Island, save Jim Backus (barely).

Sherman Helmsley: Despite the show Amen, he's stuck in memory as George Jefferson.

Gary Burghoff: I wonder how tired he gets of people calling him Radar.

Florence Henderson: I remember a blooper of her cutting a commercial, botching a line, and then saying something off color, and then following it up with, "Mrs. Brady swears!"

McLean Stevenson: Whereas playing Sherman Potter on MASH was a help to Harry Morgan's storied career, Henry Blake killed Stevenson's career before it really started. And the forgettable Hello, Larry didn't help matters any.

In the category of Fleeing From Typecasting, why do you think both Ron Howard and Henry Winkler went behind the cameras as a director and producer, respectively? And it's fortunate for Pat Morita that the role of Mr. Miyagi kept him from being known as Arnold (a different one).

Who else?


paramedicgirl said...

How about Alex Baldwin? he looks like a psychopath, and often play one. Too well, IMO.

Puffy said...

For commercials, there's the Maytag repairman, Mr. Whipple, and Madge the manicurist.

Em B said...

Danielle Radcliffe will always be Harry Potter.